Tasso spare parts
Tasso Parts - Tasso Tuning 4T Upgrades

Below is a summary of what you will need to order to upgrade and improve performance of your LML 4T Scooter.
1) Tasso Timing Slider. Increases the Advance timing will improves performance. Adjustable to your requirements.
2) Tasso Jets and 22mm Carburettor. A larger size carb or main jet to increased fuel delivery, best used in combination with the Tasso AirSock.
3) Tasso SAS Blank. Stops hot exhaust emmisions for being recycled back into the intake.
4) Tasso AirSock. An exclusive ramair airsock to increase air flow.
5) Tasso Exhaust. Let the exhaust gasses out, increase sound, no cat. Choose LH or RH exit.
6) Tasso BOOST CDI. Advance Timing increase jump at 3K to give a BOOST in performance.

ID# DescriptionPrice
TS007(01) Tasso Timing Slider£ 22.50Order Now
TS009(02) Tasso 22mm Carburettor£ 29.95Order Now
VKN001(02) Tasso Main Jets 90-100£ 2.80Order Now
HL2220(02) Tasso Main Jets 95-120£ 1.95Order Now
TS010(03) Tasso SAS Blank£ 12.95Order Now
TS001(04) Tasso RamAir Sock£ 12.95Order Now
RIP001(05) Tasso RIP Race Exhaust LML 4T 125/150 LH£ 99.00Order Now
RIP003(05) Tasso RIP Race Exhaust LML 4T 125/150 RH£ 99.00Order Now
RIP002(05) Tasso RIP Race Exhaust LML 4T 200 LH£ 99.00Order Now
RIP004(05) Tasso RIP Race Exhaust LML 4T 200 RH£ 99.00Order Now
TS037(06) Tasso BOOST CDI LML 4T 125/150£ 24.95Order Now